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Climb Ahead Career Briefs started from senior engineering leaders looking back at their careers and wishing they knew what they know now. CACB was started to educate engineers on all aspects not covered by school or typical career training. Engineers of almost any stage of their career will find valuable information on managing your career, insights you boss may not be willing to share, understanding how the industry works far earlier than your peers, and unbiased financial information for high income earners like you.

Meet John

John has over 20 years experience in medical devices, ranging from individual contributor to executive positions in research and development. John has worked for Fortune 500 public firms and small private device manufacturers. He currently is a vice president overseeing all pipeline and development, responsible for new product development, applied research and project management. John has been in leadership positions for 20 years and has has extensive experience in building high performing teams, culture change, coaching, strategy, mergers & acquisitions, and compensation analysis.


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Why Anonymous

All our columnists are active in their respective industries. Unfortunately, due to the nature of their position, readers naturally find them key connections to their companies and potential employment. To protect unsolicited requests for jobs or other industry favors, we have chosen to not publish identifying information. Without doing this, these high value senior industry leaders would not be willing to share their knowledge. If through one of our services you connect with a selected leader, you will learn more about their credentials and sometimes actual contact information.