Compensation Analysis – Know Your Worth

Pay is personal. While we all want to keep it that way, the very thing we want makes it hard to know what you’re worth. Free online tools are often out of date, have ranges too large to be useful, and often do a good job incorporating everything that makes us unique and valuable.

Our Personal Worth Report is a custom compensation analysis and report which includes:

  • Personalized salary range for your specific skills and experiences.
  • Recommended short and long term incentive ranges and typical structure
  • Target total compensation for specific roles or positions you’re pursuing
  • Suggestions on optimizing your total compensation
  • Considerations beyond salary

Our compensation experts will use data such as below to build your Personal Worth Report:

  • Industry specifics
  • Geography
  • Company size
  • Market dynamics
  • Data from industry wide salary surveys AND life real world input from our placement specialists

Our compensation team is made of industry experts who consult every day with businesses on compensation structure and pay grades. They know what companies are willing to pay.

Our reports aren’t cheap. But they also aren’t cheap to create. Your Personal Worth Report will be created just for you. This brings immense value to help you maximize your career net worth.

A few hundred dollars and a couple hours today can mean tens of thousands or more in return.

Say yes to knowledge and power. Purchase your Personal Worth Report here.