Give An Impressive Presentation


Give An Impressive Presentation

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“Preparation is the magic bullet to public speaking success. ”

– Ruth Sherman, Presentation Coach

Practice Presenting

Did you know?

In today’s workplace, poor presentation skills can have serious career repercussions. As more and more work becomes teamwork, what a person knows isn’t nearly as important as how well he/she can communicate it. Consequently, employers are looking to hire and advance employees who are good communicators. That includes the ability to make effective presentations. Since oral communication and presentation skills transcend disciplines,  a class presentation is an appropriate assignment in almost any course.  In doing a presentation, students have an opportunity to prepare, practice and improve a skill that may prove key to their workplace success. The ideas in this activity will give students some general guidelines that should put them more at ease at the podium.

Do this…

  • Ask students questions about class presentations.
    How many class presentations have you done this semester?
    Are you comfortable making presentations?
    Why are good presentation skills important in the workplace?
  • View Public Speaking Tips video.
  • Distribute the Student Activity, review the directions and complete.
  • Share responses.

Add an Experience!

To follow up, locate a Toastmasters International Club  in your area. Consider giving students extra credit for attending a meeting and then reporting back to the class on their experience. For more practical tips on preparing and delivering a presentation, watch this video.

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