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“Focusing on solutions, rather than mistakes — on the future, rather than the past — will enhance the self-image of business leaders and employees alike, and propel them on the road to success.”

– Marshall Goldsmith, Leadership Coach and Author


Did You Know?

Getting and giving feedback in the classroom and the workplace is essential to the continuous improvement process. Feedback is based on what a person did in the past and often focuses on mistakes. Yet to improve, students and employees need their performances evaluated. Dr. Marshall Goldsmith uses feedback as well as an additional tool he dubbed “feedforward” to help employees identify and grow their skills. Give your students an opportunity to experience feedforward with this quick activity.

Here’s how…

  • Ask them…

What is feedback?
What feedback have you received at school or at work?
How did it affect you?
What do you think feedforward means?

  • View video.
  • Distribute the Student Activity, review directions and complete. (Now available as an electronic, fillable pdf allowing students to download, complete and return to you via email.)
  • Debrief the activity.

How did it make you feel?
What did you learn?
How will you use the information?

Above and Beyond!

Ask your students to try feedforward at their workplace or with their families. Then have them share the outcomes.

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