Flip Your Class


Flip Your Class

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“Life is too short. Stop repeating yourself. Flip your classroom!”

– Dr. Lodge McCammon, FIZZ Project Director

Flip Your Class

Did you know?

A growing number of educators continue to turn learning on its head by replacing traditional classroom lectures with video tutorials. They are focusing classroom time on solving problems, advancing concepts and engaging in collaborative learning. This new instructional model has been labeled the “flipped classroom.” This movement, inspired in part by the work of  the Khan Academy’s Sal Khan, calls on educators to make class time more relevant, engaging, interactive and student focused. This FIZZ Institute video introduces a flipped instructional framework with Bloom’s Taxonomy and Gardener’s Multiple Intelligences (MI) to help instructors create powerful lessons. Find out how to design differentiated instruction, tailored specifically to your students’ strengths, with this activity.

Here’s how…

  • Ask students some questions about how they learn best.
  • Distribute the Student Activity, review directions and complete.
  • Form small groups to discuss and compare students’ MI.
    Suggest that students address these questions:
    What’s their strongest/weakest intelligence?
    Who in the group has similar intelligences?
    Why is identifying and knowing their MI important to them?
  • List ways this MI information will be helpful to you and your students.

Above and Beyond

Lassen Community College in Susanville, CA has embraced the flip your class model, employing the necessary technology to support the transition. And, for added perspective, a group of “flip” pioneers offer more on the concept as a Vehicle to the Future.

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