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Start A Conversation

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“Conversation costs nothing, but can bring you the world. ”

– Catherine Blyth, The Art of Conversation

Start a Conversation

Did you know?

In an evolving, global economy the ability to connect and engage in critical conversations isn’t optional- it’s a survival skill. While texting, social media and email have changed the way today’s students are interacting, these and other emerging technologies encourage faceless and fragmented communication. We need to help our students branch out from the comfortable confines of their cell phones and computer screens to develop the face-to-face conversational confidence and expertise they need in the professional world. It’s a classic continuum, conversations build relationships; relationships build networks; and networks are a valuable tool for job seekers. This activity gives students an opportunity to make conversation connections to grow their personal and professional networks.

Try this…

  • Ask them…
    Why are conversational skills important in finding a job?
    How many face-to-face conversations do you have each day?
    How would you rate your conversational skills?
  • View video.
  • Demonstrate making a conversation connection with a student in class.
  • Distribute the Student Activity (in fillable pdf form), review the directions and complete.
  • Find out how many people made a personal connection with their partners.

Add an Experience!

Identify several Professional Association networking opportunities in your community. Post these events and consider awarding credit to students for attending an event and making professional or personal connections. Also, suggest they prepare by visiting the CACareerCafe and doing the ASSOCIATIONS – Pitch Lesson.

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