Get Ahead of Student Debt

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“Most students leave college because…at some point, the stress of work and study just becomes too difficult.”

– With Their Whole Lives Ahead of Them

Get Ahead of Student Debt

Did you know?

One of the main reasons CCC students drop out of their classes is because they must work to support themselves and their families. That is why it is critical for instructors to provide them with financial aid information. Students who are able to strike a better balance between studying and working are more likely to succeed in the classroom. While Financial Aid is an invaluable resource for students who need money to complete their education, many college grads, and college drop outs too, are burdened with an enormous amount of student debt. This debt crisis is impacting community college students, as well. Because most students have little experience borrowing money, they may have a difficult time navigating the financial aid process on their own. Help your students get ahead of student debt by discussing financial aid terms and introducing them to the financial aid resources available on your campus.

Here’s how…

  • Question students to find out what they know about financial aid.
  • View video.
  • Distribute Student Activity, (fillable pdf form) review directions and complete exercise.
  • Review terms and share some financial aid experiences.
  • Create a list of questions students have about financial aid.
  • Invite a financial aid counselor to class to answer students’ questions.

Above and Beyond!

Encourage students to read Success Tip #6 – Be Money Wise at the CA Career Café. They will also find additional resources at the CCC’s updated ICanAffordCollege site and more about Federal Aid at

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