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Take The Lead

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“The leader of the past knew how to tell; the leader of the future knows how to ask.”

– Peter Drucker, Management Scholar

Take the Lead

Did you know?

Students with leadership experience, coupled with teamwork, stand out in the hiring process. Students often think leadership experience is limited to being an officer in an organization, but leadership can be demonstrated in many ways. The first step is getting involved. Starting a college club or committee, coaching a community sports team or helping to organize a community event are all examples of leadership. Because these experiences enhance student success, encourage your students to identify and participate in leadership opportunities on your campus, in their community or with a professional organization. Then, as they develop their own leadership style they can strive to be authentic leaders.

Try this…

  • Ask students questions about their leadership experiences.
  • List reasons leadership experience is important.
  • View video.
  • Distribute Student Activity (now in fillable pdf), review directions and complete.
  • Share students’ responses to the job interview question from the activity.

Add an Experience!

Introduce your students to specific campus clubs, Professional Associations or community organizations related to your discipline. Provide contact information so they can make connections to “real” opportunities to learn and lead. Encourage students to stop by the CACareerCafe.Com EXPERIENCE section for more ideas and connections.

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