Hang In There

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“Midterm interventions can reduce drop out rates… ”

– Globe and Mail

Hang In There!

Did you know?

Mid-semester is a good time to connect or reconnect with students because for some students, mid-semester is when life really does start to break down. Financial aid is late. Gas money is gone. And sometimes aunts and uncles really do get sick. In fact, a study at Michigan State University found that minor problems can start a chain of events resulting in students dropping out. When instructors intervene and link struggling students to the appropriate support services, those students are more likely to persist. Today’s activity will provide all your students with an opportunity to reflect on their mid-semester progress as they assess where they have been and what they need to do to “hang in there” to the end.

Here’s how…

  • Question them…      What has been your greatest success this semester?      Finish this sentence: To succeed this semester I could use some help…
  • Distribute the Student Activity, review directions and complete. (Now available as an electronic, fillable pdf allowing students to download, complete and return to you via email.)
  • Discuss how students view their progress.
  • List resources and suggestions to help students succeed.

Above and Beyond!

At the CaCareerCafe.com students are served up a variety of career and educational activities. Ask your students to visit and explore the People Skills section and consider giving them extra credit for completing the People Skills #5 – Put it to Work Activity, Bounce Back.

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