Set Course Goals

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“If you don’t know where you are going, you might not get there.”

– Yogi Berra, Baseball Legend

Set Course Goals

Did You Know?

The most important day of the entire semester is the first day of class because it sets the tone for the semester. Most students will enter your classroom motivated and enthusiastic but could be feeling a bit overwhelmed. This is a great time to introduce the SMART goal setting strategy.  Students who write their own course goals and reflect on and review those goals as the course progresses are more successful in their studies. Get them off to a SMART start with this activity.

Here’s how…

  • Ask students what they “want” from this course.
  • Share your goals and expectations for the class.
  • Explain the SMART acronym.
  • Distribute Student Activity, (now in electronic, fillable pdf form) review the directions and complete.
  • Review responses and provide contact information to college support services as needed.

Above and Beyond!

Send your students to to complete the online student lesson, GOALS in the START section. When they return with their completed activity, give them time to share their SMART goals.

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