Develop A Strong Work Ethic

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“The highest compliment that you can pay me is to say that I work hard every day.”

– Wayne Gretzky

Develop a Strong Work Ethic

Did you know?

Many students are arming themselves with the technical skills needed to land a good job. Yet, they may have overlooked one of the most highly prized qualities employers look for …a strong work ethic. Work ethic ranks 2nd on the list of qualities employers seek in new hires- a very close second to the number one requisite communication skills. Whether your students are currently employed, seeking part-time or full time employment, they need to understand what work ethic means and be prepared to identify and demonstrate their behaviors that exemplify this attribute.

Do this…

  • Ask them…
    How would you define work ethic?
    Why do you think work ethic is #2 on what employers want list?
  • View video.
    Why is Will Smith successful?
    What does Will Smith say about his work ethic?
  • Distribute Student Activity, review the directions and complete.
  • Have students share their responses to the work ethic question.

Get Real!

To make work ethic real, ask students to interview a working parent or grandparent and discuss work ethic and what it means in his/her workplace. Have students report back on what they learned.

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