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Solve Problems

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“The power of the SWOT analysis will be evident in your business, but it can also change your personal life.”

– Lawrence G. Fine, Consultant

Solve Problems

Did you know?

While the ability to think critically is, well, critical in the workplace, employers have long complained that many of the college graduates they hire seem to lack this skill… Employers contend that despite the recent recession and high jobless rate it is difficult to find qualified employees who possess good critical thinking skills.  A SWOT is a valuable tool your students can use to develop these sought after skills. A SWOT analysis will help them ask good questions, organize information, and identify actionable steps to take to solve problems in the classroom, in the workplace and in life.

Do this…

  • Ask them…

What does SWOT mean to you?
Who has used a SWOT analysis?
Why/how did you use it?

  • View video.
  • Do a class SWOT together.
    Try doing a SWOT analysis of Nike or Starbucks.
  • Distribute the Student Activity, (in fillable pdf form) review the directions and complete.
  • List ways they will be able to use this tool.

Get Real!

Encourage students to use the SWOT to solve a problem at home or at work. As they practice and become more adept at using this tool, they will hone their problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

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