Tech Talk Basics

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“Individuals who are not digitally literate are at a disadvantage when it comes to interacting with others and being employed in the 21st century.”

– Steven Berg, Professor, Schoolcraft College

Tech Talk Basics

Did you know?

The future is here. Five years ago only 10 percent of companies used video as part of the hiring process. This year, up to 63 percent anticipate doing so. Today’s employers are saving money and time by screening candidates via video interviews. Using digital technology, companies are able to conduct job interviews to assess job candidates’ qualifications as well as their tech skills and ability to communicate via video. Whether your students are job seekers or looking to move ahead in their careers, they need to master video presentation skills and other tools of global communication. This activity will encourage students to get the tech talk basics they need to succeed.

Do this…

  • Ask them:
    How is video communication useful in the workplace?
    Have you ever conducted business via a webcam or smartphone camera?
    How would (or do) you feel about video job interviews?
  • View video.
  • Distribute Student Activity (in fillable pdf form), review directions and complete.
  • Discuss students’ responses.

Get Real!

Have students work in pairs to practice and evaluate the webcam interviewing process. Encourage them to get and give feedback to improve their techniques. For additional interview tips, suggest students visit the CA Career Café and try the PREPARE: Interview lessons.

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