Take It On The Road


Take It On The Road

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“…think about the last days as much as you think about the first days. Work to create memorable experiences that will stay with the students and fuel their continued learning.”

– Margaret Walsh, PhD

Take it on the Road …

Did you know?

A good end of the semester activity will leave a lasting impression on students and keep them motivated to continue their education.  An informational interview is a particularly good culminating assignment because these interviews help students connect their classroom learning to a career that interests them. When students participate in an informational interview they have an opportunity to meet professionals, ask questions and gather valuable information. An informational interview is a brilliant, conversational, networking tool that gives students a nugget of mentoring in the process. Empower your students to collaborate and communicate as they take their classroom learning on the road.

Here’s how…

  • Ask them.
    What is an information interview?
    Why would you do an informational interview?
    How could an informational interview help you?
  • View video explaining the what, why and how of an informational interview.
  • Select and view a Roadtrip Nation interview related to your interests.
  • Distribute Student Activity (now in fillable pdf form), review directions and complete.
  • Discuss the next step they need to take to make their interviews a reality.

Above and Beyond!

Encourage students to check out CACareerCafe.Com  and try the EXPERIENCE Lesson – Conversations. To help them make career connections, have them EXPLORE – Pathways in an industry sector related to your course.

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